About Us

MAX MUNCHIES was established in 2001. In Februarie 2007, Dewald Roux took over the business and started with a whole new concept, manufacturing great quality dog food at affordable prices.

By the year 2010, the company had grown exponentially and started gaining the support of major retailers in South Africa who at this time had already started stocking MAX MUNCHIES as a regular product and by 2013 the range of MAX MUNCHIES products had expanded.

MAX MUNCHIES is scientifically formulated and manufactured from fresh quality ingredients ensuring that the food tastes great while providing the necessary benefits for your best friend’s health.

Essential fatty acids help maintain your pet’s immune system, as well as a healthy, glossy coat. Vitamin E, Vitamin C & Selenium help improves immunity and longevity while Vitamin B supports liver function. MAX MUNCHIES also contains the necessary minerals for a strong skeleton structure, Vitamins to improve senses, and has a scientifically formulated Amino Acid composition for muscle development and the maintenance of body function.

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